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Mount System


Mount System:

Unlocked Level:The player can get default mount from the main line when reaching Lv. 8. When the player reaches Lv. 31 can unlock the system button and click the mount button to enter the mount system.

Foster:Lv.31 unlocked

Consuming fostering items to upgrade the star of the mount. All the mounts share one star level.


Stable:Lv. 31 unlocked

The mount will get appearance stats after activating. The excess activated mount will change to EXP to upgrade the level of the stable and increase the appearance stats. The mount can be retained to save the appearance and change the current player appearance shows.



Evolve:Lv.40 unlocked

Each mount can get higher quality by evolving. The higher the quality is, the more the stats will increase.


Enchant:Lv.42 unlocked

The enchanting item can upgrade the enchanting level. The higher the enchanting upgrade, the more stats the mount will foster. Each enchanting stone can increase 0.8% fostering stats.


The stats of fostering, evolving and enchanting belong to the stats of pve (effect in PVE and PVP)and the stats of stable belongs to the stats of pvp (only effect in PVP).