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Artifact System


Artifact System:

Artifact Equip:Lv.60 unlocked

Click the artifact button at the right bottom of the main interface to open the interface and can equip or change the artifact in it.


Artifact Enhance:Lv.60 unlocked

Player can use artifact enhancing stone to enhance artifact and the artifact will increase stats according to the enhancing level after enhancing.



Artifact Upgrade:Lv.80 unlocked

Upgraded artifact will improve the level of artifact equipment and will increase the stats greatly. Upgrading needs corresponding pattern and materials.



Artifact Forge:Lv.80 unlocked

The level of the artifact will not be changed after forging, but the stats will be increased and the quality will be improved. Forging need to consume corresponding materials.



Artifact Enchant:Lv.105 unlocked

Enchant the artifact through enchanting system. After enchanting artifact, the enhancing stats of the artifact will be increased according to the level of enchanting and each enchanting stones can increase 2% enhancing stats.