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Total War


Total War:

Unlocked Level:Lv.65 unlocked

Unlocked Time:At 20:00-20:30 every Monday, Wednesday and Friday,≥Lv.65 can attend this event

Game Info:

After the player enters the event, the system will divide to red and blue camps automatically.

There are 5 flags in the killing field. Any flags to be captured by player and this flag will become the corresponding camp flag and it can increase camp points to the online players of the whole camp in every 30 seconds. When there is nobody to defend the flag, the flag can belong to opposite camp.

The points of camp reaches 1600 points can win the game or when the event ends, the higher point camp can win. Both winner and loser can have a reward.

Killing players in the killing field can gain personal points and rank the top 200 players according to their number of killing and personal points. The ranking rewards will be emailed to the player after the event ends.

Total War

Exploit Shop:Player can get exploit token from the total war event. The exploit token can buy goods in the exploit shop and buy exclusive event mount.

Exploit Shop