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Venus Blessing


Venus Blessing:

Unlocked Level:Lv.36 unlocked

Game Info:Only after wedding the player can attend the event. Each one only can attend venus blessing once a day. The couple must marriage and both on line. One of the couple invite to the lover and the couple can enter the interface to attend the event after the lover agreeing;

The event cannot be unlocked at 23:30~24:00 every day, because it’s time to settle the ranking.

After checking by the couple can enter the venus blessing interface and counting down 3 seconds to start the game.

When the event counts down 30 minutes, the couple should stand by two sides and throw the dice by themselves to move in their own line until  there is no chances, the game ends;

If the two sides together to finish the game, the couple can get “born of couple”reward and set the record. If there is no chance to throw and the couple still haven’t met, they will get “close“ award and set the record. If there is no chance to throw and the couple have passed, they will get “pass ”award and set the record. If the player have chances that >0, when counting down 30 minutes, they also can get “close” reward and set the record.

When the game ends, the reward interface will be opened automatically and send a reward;

The kind of player reward will be recorded each time and rank the top 10 players according to the times and time. Each top 3 players of the ranking can get special title reward and the top 10 players can get other rewards. The rewards will be sent at 24:00 every day and the ranking will be reset at 0:00 every Monday.

Venus blessing