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Guild Battle


Guild Battle:

Unlocked Level:Lv.30 unlocked

Player can enter the guild battle through daily event.

Qualification:The top 8 of the guild members in the server have a qualification to attend at 20:00 every day. The system will send email all the qualified players automatically to attend the event;

At 20:39-21:00,the player who have qualification can enter the event and battle alone. The battle points belong to guild.

Guild battle-Entrance

Game Info:When the guild battle begins, the top ranking guild player will be the defender and the top 2-8 ranking guild players will be the attackers at the first day of the server. During the countdown of the event, if the attackers cannot breach the statues inside and outside the gate, the defender will win; otherwise, the attackers will win.

Since the second day of the server, the last guild winner will be the defender and the other top 1-8 ranking guild players will be the attackers.

Guild battle -Attacker

Guild battle -Defender

When the attackers and defender enter the scene, the battle BUFF bonuses will be awarded through activating BUFF. When the defender continues to defend for 2 or more than 2 days, the attacker will get siege BUFF.

Outside and inside the gate, the statues will appear and they belong to the defender. Player click statue to attack and defend.

Guild battle -Statue

Play click the statue outside the gate will appear the outside gate battle interface. If there is a defender player, it will show the player info. The attacker player can click “challenge”to challenge the defender player; if there is no defender player, it will show half statue of the guild. When the HP of the statue is 0, the outside gate will be attacked and all the participants will be sent to the revival inside the gate in turns and at the same time count down 60 seconds. The battle will repeat to battle until the statue is attacked.


Guild battle -List

When the statue inside the gate is attacked, it will show the defender loose, and at the same time the defender will be sent outside and never can enter the event scene again. The attackers can use the remaining time to gain points through battling with the patron god. The highest points player of the winner guild will become the guard guild and the top ranking guild player will be the castellan and win the catellan title.

All the battle in the game battles automatically and the player can choose to skip. After battling, the player will save the HP;

When the player wins the battle, all the participants will gain the rewards according to the guild points;

According to the point rank of the attacker and defender, each top 5 players can gain ranking rewards; all the rewards can be received in the guild battle interface.

The winner guild will gain the twilight enforcer title and the castellan will gain the twilight castellan title; in addition, all the participants of the guild members will gain the castellan BUFF bonuses that can increase EXP and golden coins BUFF; the top 5 attacker personal ranking point player can help the guild players get BUFF bonuses and the bonus will increase EXP.

Guild battle -Reward(暂缺)