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Bounty Hunter


Bounty Hunter:

Unlocked Level:Lv.33 unlocked

Unlocked Time:In the event time, every 30 minutes will refresh four monsters automatically in the game interface. Every 30 minutes will open once a game during 14:00-19:30 every day. When the event starts, the convenient button will appear at the right of the task interface automatically.

Bounty Hunter

Game Info:The monster will refresh the level automatically according to world level. Player can win the treasure by battling with monster and players can fight each other to hunt treasure. If there is no player can fight against the winner player and capture treasure for 15 seconds, other players cannot hunt again. 

There is no limited to player every day and there is no limited to hunt each round as well.

If the treasure has been hunted, the event will be end. If the treasure is not be hunted, the event will continue 10 more minutes.

After hunting treasure, other players can applaud to the winner who hunts the treasure and player can gain rewards each time. When the whole server applause reaches a certain times, players can claim applause chest.


Redeem Treasure:Player can redeem bounty in the dwarven treasure.

Dwarven Treasure