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Goblin Treasure


Goblin Treasure:

Unlocked Level:Lv.31 unlocked

Click “Goblin Treasure” button in the main interface to enter the game info interface.

Game Info:Hunting treasure needs treasure shovels and player can get 15 treasure shovels for free every day. Each time, the map will appear 3 treasure locations automatically and click hunting treasure can open the treasure.

Player can get lucky hunting treasure for free once a day and use lucky hunting treasure can brush extra 3 treasure locations.

The stamina of treasure shovels and lucky hunting treasure are limited to be bought and the higher level the VIP is the more the stamina can be bought.

Guides:The guides at the left of the panel show different routes of hunting treasure and corresponding award keys. Choose a location in the middle of the map can start hunting treasure event and at the same time the treasure map will refresh. Player can hunt treasure according to the guides to get golden keys.

Wheel Award:The golden key can open the right wheel reward to gain mount fostering stones. The higher level the player is, the higher fostering materials the player will get.