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Guild System


Guild System:

The players reach Lv.32 can select the faction: Horde VS Alliance.

Select the faction

After selecting the faction, players can apply the guild belonging to your faction or create guild by yourself as well.

Create guild


Guild interface

Demon Temple:The players can challenge the powerful BOSS in the demon temple. When the guild member player clear the stage for the first time, the other guild member players can gain powerful Buff to challenge and kill the Boss easily to achieve great rewards.

Guild-Demon Temple


Guild Treasure Hunt:That the total consumption of any guild members today reaches a certain amount can open the specified chest. Other members of the guild can hunt treasure to claim treasure chest in the rewards.

Guild-Treasure hunt


Achievement Chest:With increase of the guild buildings and players’historical contribution, the players can claim achievement treasure chest.

Guild-Achievement chest


Guild Building:All the guild members attending guild event can obtain guild resources. The guild master and vice master can consume guild resources to upgrade the guild buildings in order to help guild to gain more functions.

Meeting Hall:Promote meeting hall equals to upgrade guild level.

Tavern:Improve tavern can expand guild members.

Bestiary:Improve bestiary level can upgrade beast level.

Treasure Exchange:Promote treasure exchange level can increase the species of goods.

Library:Improve the library level can upgrade the guild skill level.



Guild Beast:

When the guild beast bar reaches the specified level, the corresponding guild beast can be activated.

Guild members can feed beast and each member only can feed once each day.

When the beast fill growth can appear in the guild headquarters, members can challenge to get rewards.


Guild Skill:

When the guild library reaches a certain level, the guild skill of current level will be activated immediately.

Learning skills can get bonuses for all heroes, but it will overdue after 7 days. Reactivating skills needs to consume specified materials.


Guild Shop:

When the guild treasure exchange reaches a certain level, the specified species of goods can be activated immediately. The higher the treasure exchange level is, the more the goods are.

If the guild member challenges the beast successfully, the claimed special goods can be sold randomly.