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Gear System


Gear System:

Unlocked Level:Lv. 20 unlocked,players can equip gear and weapon for the character and other characters in the rear system.

Equipping gear level is influenced by the character level.



Gear Enhance:Lv. 35 unlocked,use gold coins to enhance rear weapons, and enhanced gear increase stats according to the enhanced level.

Each enhancement increases a certain cooling CD, and the cooling CD which is more than 30 points cannot be enhanced. The players can spend sapphires or sycees to remove CD and VIP5 also can remove CD for free;

When VIP reaches Lv.8 or more, each time you have 8% extra chance to upgrade a level.



Gear Upgrade:Lv.40 unlocked,spend specified materials can upgrade rare or above equipment. The upgraded equipment will improve the level of equipment and promote the stats greatly.



Gear Forge:Lv.40 unlocked, spend specified materials can forge to unique equipment. The level of forged equipment will not change, but the stats will become stronger.



Gear Enchant:Lv.90 unlocked, spend specified materials can enchant equipment, and the enchanted equipment can promote equipment and enhance stats according to the level of enchantment. Each enchanted equipment will increase 2% gear stats.