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Game Interface


Game Interface:

Unlocked Level:Lv. 1

Please leave your honorable name to enter the game and then you will see the main interface of dragon knight 2 in front of you. Each function of dragon knight 2 are differentiated clearly, and you can master easily with a little attention.

Main Interface:

Main Interface


1、 Display the number of character stamina, gold coins and sapphires, etc.

2、 Chatting information window, chatting text input box

3、 Display character EXP

4、 Task tracking display box

5、Small map & other function buttons

Combat Interface:

Combat Interface


1、Display the number of round level star

2、Chatting information window, chatting text input box

3、Character rage slot

4、Skill bar and automatic button

5、The goddess rage slot and the goddess skills

6、The countdown

7、Display the HP of enemy


Note:the above data for reference only, please specific to the game!!