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World Background


World Background:

        Where there is light, there is dark, where there is a god, there is a demon!

        Long time ago, the universe used to be chaotic, and the darkness concealed a dark, with quiet silence, until the first glimmer appeared, the chaos under the power of glimmer, raised to the sky, and downed to the land, then the creator Gaia was born in the universe.

        Facing the quiet and lonely universe, Gaia ran out of her own power, to create all kinds of species in the universe.

        The god, one of her direct descendant, created the kingdom and had great power;

        The noble, elegant, beautiful, and close to nature, lived in the elven valley;

        The Titan, born with divine power and long life, lived in the morse mountain;

        The dwarven, having excellent weapons and strong body, lived on the ice land;

        And finally the humans were created. Those who only had a fragile body and short life, but had a unique creative, became the master of the twilight city;

        There are other small number of races, such as banshees, giants, orcs and so on, living scattered among the races.

        Finally, Gaia ran out of divine power, and disappeared in the universe before leaving a seed of life.

        Though it was far away between mainland of all races, they could exchange with each other by transmitting array; All the races multiplied by themselves and lived peacefully. This age was called: Genesis!

        As Gaia disappeared in the universe, at the end of the abyss became unnusal. A group of different kinds of demons with backing black wings, heading double long corners, and burning the fire of hell, appeared from abyss in the universe.

        This was the opposite of light, the descendant of the darkness creator Gaia; As Gaia disappeared, the opposite of Gaia was also created to the abyss and lost the force of the creator. Then the demons appeared in the mainland.

        The strong powerful demons, with incomparable power and strong restoring force, overturned from abyss and occupied the ice land, twilight city, morse mountain and elven valley quickly;

        All the mainland races were governed cruelly by demons. The land was dark, roared around the howl of hell! This age was called: destroy the century!

        In all pray, the god, from the kingdom, gathered the power to activate the seed of life leaving by Gaia. Above the endless sea of the south of the twilight city, the tree of life grew rapidly and accepted all the creatures of the races fleeing to here;

        Talented warriors of all races could practice under the tree of life after passing the test. The best of them could obtain the only god that born from the tree of life—the recognition of the dragon, to become the dragon knight—this is the warrior blessed by god;

        Eight goddesses with beauty, wisdom and power, living in the kingdom, came to the tree of life, looking for dragon knight, guarding around them and cultivating them as golden dragon knights;

        As the dragon knight attended the war, the situation of the war had been changed. The demons were killed by the dragon knight gradually. During the years of battle, the first golden dragon knight—Mitchell was born. The war had been changed qualitatively finally. All races had recovered the morse mountain, elven valley and established the devil defense in the twilight city—twilight city, battling with the demons for hundreds of years. This age was called: dawn century!

        With the birth of the golden dragon knight, the demons retreated gradually, but when Mitchell led everyone scoring to the abyss, Gaia appeared; Gaia did not dissipate in the universe like Gaia creator, but used to create the descendant of the demons and survived by absorbing their support.

        Due to the limits of the universe laws, Gaia could only survive in abyss. But as the first golden dragon knight appeared, let Gaia have a chance to mainland, because the dragon was the most pure vitality between all races leaving by Gaia in the universe, and the blood of the golden dragon and dragon knight could protect him not afraid of bright;

        By watching Gaia will invade mainland soon, Mitchell and his golden dragon knight burned all the vitality, opened the door of space time, and sent all dragon knights to one hundred years ago to let them begin from the tree of life, looking for the god sword that the only one could kill Gaia, and then backed to the abyss again……